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Elevate Your Event Interaction: Essential Elements for Tailored Networking and Participation

This groundbreaking application is designed to enrich your networking experience by seamlessly combining interaction and connectivity. We have meticulously developed this app with innovative features that empower you to maximize your engagements, guaranteeing personalized experiences and smooth networking opportunities.


What are the essential functionalities waiting for you to discover?

Personalised Approach:

Unleash the complete potential with a personalized account and schedule crafted to align with your preferences and interests.

Upcoming Events:

Stay informed with our extensive catalog of upcoming events, guaranteeing you never overlook any chance to broaden your network and knowledge.

Early Access:

Gain an advantage by enjoying exclusive early access to the complete program of every event, providing you with a head start to plan and secure your seat at a discounted Early Bird rate!

Interactive Agenda:

Effortlessly explore the interactive agenda, monitor sessions, and create a personalized itinerary that aligns with your specific needs.

Attendees’ Profiles:

Discover additional information about the professionals you encounter.


Chat and Networking Tools:

Establish connections and interact with fellow participants through our advanced chat and networking tools, cultivating meaningful relationships that extend beyond the event.

List of Contacts:

Effortlessly organize your professional network with our integrated contact list, ensuring all your valuable connections are easily accessible at your fingertips.

Business Card Scanner:

Bid farewell to manual data entry! Capture and store business card details instantly.

Live Polls:

Make your voice heard! Engage in real-time polls during sessions and witness the collective insights of industry experts.

Event Notifications:

Stay informed with timely notifications, ensuring you never miss crucial updates about your selected events.

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This year's PulseCore Events app will put all the latest information at your fingertips:

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